Sunday, February 10, 2013

NSD Review - the remaining questions

Lastly, I submit these without commentary, as well as with the reminder that I'm pleased with the 2013 class. I just have a mixture of these recurring questions about Georgia recruiting overall and some philosophical wonderings.

  • Coach Bobo said he is very pleased with the offensive line signees. I see his point, but respectfully disagree. Don't we need a wider scope when it comes to signing a bigger, larger class of o-linemen?
  • Is it fair to get upset about landing a top 10 class, even against the backdrop of missing out on the "day of" guys?
  • Also, as a fan, is it okay to come to the realization that we're just not going to win many head to head battles with Alabama right now?
  • In terms of closing on the highly contested signatures, is it just easier for kids to say no to Coach Richt?
  • Do I really care anymore about following these premature prima donnas?
  • Is it worth the exposure to the ugly underbelly of the game I love to follow? Just give me the list of guys we got and let's move on to spring practice!
  • And lastly, speaking of ugly underbellies, how deep was Laremy Tunsil's cookie jar?
Oh, one more. Can the NCAA open #LaremyTunsilscookiejar without shooting itself in the foot?