Monday, February 11, 2013

Ramsey under Murray's wing

Nice piece on new Georgia quarterback Brice Ramsey by Emerson. 
"You obviously want to come in and compete. But I don't really want to hit the field until I'm 100 percent in my craft," Ramsey said. "That's gonna be tough coming in: You gotta learn the playbook, get bigger, and do everything you need to in your preparation."
Ramsey is a pocket passer out of the mold of Murray, but at 6-foot-3 he's a bit taller. At Camden County High School, Ramsey showed an ability to be careful and effective as a passer: 1,396 passing yards, 19 touchdowns and just three interceptions.
Ramsey hits on one big question - when is he ready? Of course the other one could be much more difficult - does he surpass those in front of him?

Hutson Mason will play this fall and will continue to be the emergency option should Murray get injured. LeMay was surpassed by walk-on Parker Welch. But Bauta could bring a unique look for the offensive playbook if it goes more spread option. 

So 2014 could be especially interesting with a lot of talent and little experience fighting for one position. We'll have a redshirt senior again, as well as a junior, sophomore and a freshman on scholarship, all who will have burned their redshirt.

Take a moment to recognize this level of comfort ladies and gentlemen. Next year this time will bring a lot of questions.