Friday, February 22, 2013

So long T Kyle King! Godspeed!

So I kind of said good bye yesterday. But I'd be remiss if I did not give the man his due in a less wordy and more direct way.

I've never met T Kyle King. But I feel I've known him for some time. I entered "the arena" of dawg blogging in 2008 and had cut my teeth reading him, Groo, PWD and Blutarsky. Although I never tried to "copy" their style, I used their experience to draw a better understanding of what the Dawg readers wanted. King was instrumental in always providing terrific insight and entertaining me as a reader. He embraced his audience like no other and provided a comfortable spot in any storm as well as a place to shout when the moment called for it.

I will miss his printed words. Greatly. Yet I find it ironic that (in my estimation at least) his greatest contribution contained no words. Nothing to read and nothing to listen to. Except the unwrapping of the cigar and the unscrewing of the cap.

GATA Kyle King! While I admired your work and effort in trying to reverse the injustice of Erk Russell being omitted from the hall of fame, it is that video that I will remember most fondly. Because you captured every feeling and exultation within my soul without even saying a word.

Godspeed sir. One day we will meet so that I can test my vocabulary against your actual spoken word while we share a glass of dreams and terrific memories. Until then, I will cherish the moment above like a long, warm, biting pull from a handle of whiskey. Yes, tonight I raise a glass to you.

Abuurn sucks. Go Dawgs!