Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Headers - Marcus, Tunsil, Jarvis and Bukowski

My apologies for not having the meatloaf ready yesterday. And now seems as good a time as any to tell you that there will not be an edition of that post next Monday either [email complaints to eventhoughyou AT dontgiveashit DOT com]. I have important business that I will be attending to and posting crap early on a Monday morning is not on the agenda.

But for today, these delicious morsels are. So, you're welcome.
Hotty Toddy! Goshamighty!
  • Coach Fox is not anticipating forward Marcus Thornton to play again this season. The junior has had three knee procedures since moving to Athens, the last of which was two months ago. Reading between the lines, they just can't get him to 100% and since a medical redshirt for this season is still a possibility they'd rather him rest it out and return for another go at it in the fall.
  • There appear to be grave misunderstandings about the Laremy Tunsil timelines as they relate to ones concerning UGA administration (h/t Blutarsky). So much so that some think our outgoing university president, kickball stud and chief horse's ass would actually do something to favor the UGA tackle football program. That's gold Jerry! GOLD!!
  • NFL Network's Mike Mayock analyzes Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree for the upcoming draft. The two UGA linebackers' draft stock will be interesting to watch for sure. However, I still have trouble believing the AJC any recent arrest will hurt Tree in the eyes of NFL scouts. 
  • And this post by Spencer Hall joins two of everyone's favorite things. No, make that three: booze, booze ads and literary giants. Well, mostly giants and then John Grisham. I liked him better before High Freeze signed him away from Tulane* where he could've really dropped some Bourbon St. soaked legal thrillers on us.
Anyway, read it at your leisure. I love anything with a good Charles Bukowski reference. Take that college football off season! You whore!

*I realize that Xavier University of Louisiana would've made more sense there as it is a liberal arts college where Grisham could've perfected his craft of typing even more betterer than at Tulane, a researchy type school. But really, do most people who read blogs like this on the internet know that NOLA has a college named Xavier? And it's NOT the one up in Ohio? Really, that whole thought process would've made this horrible post even worserer. So...you're welcome.