Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bobo on Murray's new target

Jonathon Rumph joins a roster with some talented receivers, but stands pretty tall amongst them. And while he's behind the learning curve a bit I think he's going to be one to watch closely at GDay. And hopefully well beyond.
“He’s got some talent,” Bobo said. “Obviously you can see he’s a big receiver. … You see him thinking out there and a little bit unsure of himself. You try not to judge him too much right now. Just let him get acclimated to what’s going on and learn what to do so he can compete in the fall. Right now, he’s learning and struggling a bit. I do see some talent there, but he’s just got to learn what to do.”
Hard to imagine anyone beating out incumbents Mitchell and Bennett, plus Conley is as good as any coming off the bench. But Rumph has something the rest (McGowan, Scott-Wesley, Wooten, plus newcomers LeMay and Davis) don't have in his 6'5", 215 pound frame. As one of the early-enrollees I'm glad he has an extra few months of acclimation. Once he grasps the playbook and shows he can block downfield, he'll see the field.

Wide receiver is one of the deeper roster spots Georgia has. But with Bennett coming back from injury, Mitchell getting full reps on offense and some experienced depth behind them, it's an intriguing position to watch this spring nonetheless.