Friday, March 29, 2013

Busted Bracket options

We all know the feeling. Some of us better than others. You pore over the March Madness bracket for hours, days even, and perfect it just in time to click submit. The feeling of satisfaction is like a long pull from a very nice cigar as you look forward to testing your selections against others in the pool for the next three weeks. You smile as you tape it to the wall with visions of big numbers and expertly picked Cinderellas advancing game by game.

But 24-48 hours later it's over. Done. Your bracket is next to a piece of burnt toast at the bottom of the trashcan. What now?

A little KISS!
Well, as we head into the second weekend of the big dance, here are some options to satisfy your need for competitive tension; that exhilarating feeling of money being on the line, or maybe just bragging rights on display at the office water cooler.
  • Drink a beer everytime Raftery screams "ONIONS!!" When you're out of beer, tequila shots.
  • Try NBA basketball. Make side bets with your buddies on which player travels with the ball next, which team puts any effort whatsoever into defense, how many hours it takes to play the last two minutes.
  • Did someone say ponies?!? PONIES!! Get a head start on the 2013 Derby schedule and check all 2013 Derby betting options, maybe while you're mixing a mint julip. Also, challenge your wife to see who can tie a bow tie faster.
  • Didn't get a buzz from the "ONIONS!!" game. Try NASCAR. Shotgun a Coors Light for every left hand turn. If you make it to under 200 laps to go, order a pizza to celebrate.
  • Then there's hockey...
Or you can just wait for next March I guess.