Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dawgs are "Savvy", Abuurn sucks

About the only problem I have with this video is the title. It's really well done and makes me hate the off season with the heat of ten thousand and one suns. It's got the tailgating pics along with the team getting ready pics as it takes you through pre-game Athens, GA. Food, helmets, kids throwing footballs, giant linemen rocking the bus, the Redcoats, the Dawg Walk. Sigh.

Then you've got Gurley laying waste to tacklers, Marlon Brown's Tavarres King's incredible toe was in!! catch, Scott Howard's voice and CRob demolishing a tiger.

Come to think of it, maybe Savvy is the right title. Not savvy in a Cecil Newton kind of way. More like savvy in a superior athletically kind of way.

via Georgia Bulldogs

Go Dawgs! Three weeks til GDay.