Tuesday, March 12, 2013

From rags to riches

Another post to beat the dead horse with I guess...

Ching pulls together in one story the vast difference between the offensive line this spring compared to last. Perhaps center David Andrews put it best:
In preparing for his third season as a member of Georgia's football team,David Andrews has been experiencing a new sensation lately. The rising junior center actually is benefiting from the occasional chance to take off for a rep or two in practice.
"I'm out there right now and thinking, 'Wow, I'm getting a little break in individual [drills]' -- things that we didn't get, these little luxuries, breaks in individuals like we do now," said Andrews, who started all 14 games last season. "So it's weird seeing that many guys out there."
Having enough bodies to run reps is something we shouldn't have to worry about, even with a couple of injuries. And now the coaches are faced with a better problem to have - knowing which of those bodies are part of the rotation this fall.

One more point and then a question. I've heard and read Greg come to this conclusion several times, but how important is it for Coach Bobo, coming off an off season where he received a substantial raise and a multi-year contract, to have an offensive line he has confidence in? As a play caller it has to be huge to not feel handicapped by a green and grossly over-manned offensive line.

And lastly, looking back at last year this time and hoping that a veteran defensive line could make a youthful offensive line better prepared, can the opposite be true this season? Even though overall the defense under-performed last season, there's no question that guys like Jenkins, Jones and Kwame helped make the offensive line more polished and ready for the trenches of the SEC. So can a cohesive unit on the offensive side make a youthful defensive front more ready for South Carolina in week two?

Certainly something to look for in the coming months.