Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GATArchives - Hoage, Butler and the 1983 Clemson game

The Clemson series defined the early 1980s for Georgia football in some ways. Georgia won in 1980 and went on to win the national title. The Tigers flipped the script in 1981. And it seemed to have flipped again in the Dawgs' favor the next season until Penn State won the Sugar Bowl.

So when you think about this rivalry you often recall back to the early 80's. And 1983 specifically brings to mind one particular player, the "greatest defensive player" Dooley ever coached - Terry Hoage. This was the All-American's last game of the series and he shows why he was so dangerous for opposing quarterbacks and often dictated their scheme and play calling.

As for Kevin Butler, many view games which come down to kickers with scorn and dismissive gestures. But in watching this copy of the 1983 Georgia game at Clemson (h/t tigerray) you can see how much having two world class kickers can affect the game's strategy as well, not to mention the eventual outcome.

Kevin Butler vs Donald Igwebuike. I mean, how often do you see a game come down to one 68 yard field goal attempt before the field is flipped and the opposing kicker tries a 66 yard field goal. Basically those two kicks traveled twice as far as Mike Eppley threw the ball.

Great game. Thanks to AHD for sharing. And he also sent along this handy link to take in the scope of the series. Tomorrow I'll share the first of a few anecdotes I have in the vault on the series.

Go Dawgs!