Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Georgia's defense, (not) on square one again

I understand the feeling many have regarding the defense in 2013. I really do. It wasn't that long ago that we knew we had a new coordinator, new scheme and personnel only somewhat equipped to fit into it. And now we've seen virtually every key player leave campus.

But part of the reason I've adopted a glass half full attitude instead of a whoa is me one is that this time we're re-filling roles instead of rebuilding from the ground up. And that is what makes this a good read by Ching.
But unlike 2010, Grantham at least has the advantage that the defensive staff and the vast majority of his players already understand the concepts involved with his 3-4 scheme. For them, it's simply a matter of sharpening that knowledge to the point where they can step into larger roles and play with competence and confidence.
"We've got some guys that have been here for a while that it's their turn to show what they can do and we've got some guys that came in midyear. As coaches, we're excited to get started," Grantham said. "The big thing that we always go back to is one, fundamentals at our position, and two, learning to compete and play aggressive. I think you have to win a position before you can help us win a ballgame. And then finally learning what to do.
"If we can get those things done, I think that carries over to the fall because when we play aggressive and compete and get after it, we create turnovers and we're hard to score on -- and those are the things that we've done pretty well the last two years."
Again, let the naysayers and nearsighted talking heads blather on and on about losing guys like Jarvis and Rambo and Jenkins and Commings. These new guys are listening. And I believe they're hungry.