Friday, March 15, 2013

"Gwinnett still great y'all!" - Coach Richt, just now

And Success does still live here!!

They can rip away our hearts when they demolish our welcoming water towers and they can monetize our road way like the greedy bastards that they are, but Atlanta's king suburban province is still where the party at y'all!
There are 12 “UGA Day” events in four states.
An interesting change this year is the last stop, a late July date that had been at the Cobb Galleria, is now in Gwinnett County. An Atlanta date is now set for May 15.
Emphasis added for you Cobb Co. residents that dropped the ball and couldn't finish the drill and hate on Bobo and drink Pepsi and run around with knives and wish we still had Willie Martinez on staff. (Ok, sorry. That was over the top. I apologize.)

I mean, when REM came to the Gwinnett Arena that was cool. But Coach Richt is a rock star that bathes more than once a month (no direct knowledge, educated guess really) and can still fill a buffet line and conference hall. It was neat when they filmed a scene from "Road Trip" in the old Gwinnett Diner, but we all knew that Tom Green is like the Derek Dooley of acting. With not-so-tamed hair.

Of course, word is they'll use the Gwinnett Conference Center. But just in case Justin Beaver comes to town the same weekend we need backup plans to offer the UGA Alumni Association. I've started a short list. Some of you Gwinnettians follow suit in the comments. (Shut up Mackie. Go listen to the echoes in your Galleria.)

Does anyone know if the Richts prefer Italian linen or Egyptian cotton?