Friday, March 29, 2013

Indoor practice facility, comprehensively speaking

You can't get a more comprehensive analysis of the indoor practice facility argument than Groo's post yesterday. Take a few minutes and read it in its entirety. He's compiled all the research and addressed the topic completely.

Regardless of your gut instinct on the issue, read this and re-examine. Make sure you have facts to support your position.
Recruiting ends up being one of the biggest reasons to have an indoor facility. They’re supposedly heavy artillery in the facilities arms race, and being able to hook up a game console to the display inside your facility is all part of the package designed to impress and awe prospective players. Schools still manage to sign highly-ranked classes without such a facility, but we can’t deny the wow factor.
Even though it'll probably happen some day, I still say no. Sure, it'll be used occasionally to escape bad weather and frequently to show off to recruits with a hard on for shiny things. But more often it could be used because it's just too hot or because there's a threat of a rain.

That's weak sauce. I mean, how often do we play tackle football indoors y'all?