Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jarvis' stock dropping?

Saw where draft guru Mel Kiper has dropped Jarvis Jones from 1st to 5th on his board. We all know this projecting and guessing is not an exact science. Arian Foster went undrafted after all.

And I don't think this "news" necessarily means teams are incredibly concerned about Jones' medical situation. If you were paying attention a few days ago you probably heard Jones and members of his "team" come out of the blue and give some sound bites about how healthy he is and how there are no concerns about his spinal stenosis. 

Personally, I think this was an over reaction. I believe some teams are just not interested in Jones, for reasons completely unrelated to his neck. Looking at the top five teams there is reason to believe that they have more immediate needs than a pass rushing outside linebacker that may or may not fit their scheme. For all of Jarvis Jones' talent and accolades (all of which are plenty and much deserving) he has yet to prove himself as an every down type NFL linebacker.

In that regard, despite the incredible talent, he's still a risk at the top spots.

With all that being said, I expect Jones to have a great Pro Day in Athens in a couple weeks and solidify himself as a top ten pick. Perhaps this "uneasiness" about his long term health will motivate him to do even more while in Athens in front of scouts. We've all seen the opposite, where a guy has little left to prove and wisely chooses to sit out some drills.

For Jarvis we know what he can do when motivated. He's spent the last few years proving people wrong. I certainly don't expect him to stop now.