Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday's Meatloaf - plugged back in

Getting my land legs back under me. It was really nice to get away, but the pile of junk on the desk only got exponentially bigger last week.

Of course at first the feeling of not being able to access internets, phone service and twitters was a little weird. But it didn't take long to just take a deep breath and use the iPhone as a paper weight...for all the receipts being charged to the room.

Sloth like Cecilth. Verry much likes CeCILLLLsth!!!1
Seriously, one bottle of bourbon listerine smuggled onto a ship isn't enough for even a two day cruise. Luckily our waiter knew exactly what we wanted as soon as we walked into the dining room. And Antonius will keep bringing the double Makers and ginger ale as long as you keep raising your hand. Which was a lot, and very necessary.  Especially to put up with some of the crazy characters they force you to eat with while floating along. Ol' DeWayne paid a pretty penny to get on the boat with his common law wife and spend five days trying to pick up Nascar from his cabin television. (A much prettier penny than he used to get those caps on his teeth...from his dental buddy's basement...just a guess...)

But DeWayne was easy to deal with compared to the Abuurn mouth breather that insisted Gene Chizzy could coach circles around Richt all day long. Plus he continually insisted we should have spiked the ball because he knows a ton of shit about football and wants to dump it all in my ear!! OMG dude. Go back and sit with your lovely girlfriend that somehow goes out in public with you while you sport a third grade education and only basic mastery of the English language.

Coach Ricktz nice guy and (blah blah blah) and Cecil Newton [insert ambiguous NCAA reference] and spikes the ball...BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Ugh. Plus all the spittle and violations of personal space. It was all I could do to keep Mrs. Bernie from kicking him in the Eric Ramseys and punching him in the Pat Dye.

Today's Ingredients
- For you beer drinkers, be sure and check out Kyle's recap of another event I swam through while away, Brewvival. Always a great beer festival. Always.
- Did you watch last night's SEC Storied? It's the one that covers the 2008 SEC Tornado Tournament. It was a great hour of reminiscing the craziness as well as some behind the scenes commentary on how they managed the whole thing.
- And Kevin noticed something I failed to while watching: the Miracle 3 episode of the series was dedicated to Kevin Brophy, former UGA player that died in a 2006 car crash. Nice touch. Very nice.
- Lots of news in UGA Athletics. Let's start on the hardwood where the men took down Tennessee much quicker than a bare-chested Bruce Pearl could.
- And Tyler wants the students to act like they've been there before.
- On the Lady's side, they (mostly) eased through their Senior Day tilt with Vanderbilt and now head to Duluth GA for the SEC Tourney. First round bye means they play on Friday night against the Auburn/LSU winner.
- Tickets for the women's tournament games can be purchased here.
- Perno's Diamond Dawgs swept UAB over the weekend, out-scoring the Blazers 33-6. They host Western Carolina Wednesday and Liberty this weekend.
- Of course the best way to get the scoop on what's happening in UGA Athletics is from NCT's Beyond the Hedges. Here's the latest edition.
- In case you missed it, Mr. Sanchez runs down what Richt and staff will need in the 2014 class.
- Speaking of which, in today's LHB recruiting thread BigRedBaller has film of the tall kid that spent time with Coach Richt at Saturday's practice.
- Lastly, would you like a copy of Bob Knight's new book...for free? The Lady Sportswriter might just have you covered.

So back in the saddle now. I'll have you covered without much interruption, at least for another three months when another paradise calls. Until then let's enjoy some of the finer moments Gene Chizik provided the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.

Hey WarDamnSlothTiglesman...83 - 7!! EIGHTY-THREE to seven bitch!