Monday, March 11, 2013

Mountaineers preview, by AppStateNate

Bernie has been kidnapped!!!
Bernie is being held in an undisclosed location by a group of hillbillies from North Carolina.  I, Appalachian State Mountaineers sports blogger from, have taken control of the Dawg Blawg.    MwaHaHaHa!  First line of business, can we get someone in here to take down all this Red and Black?  Alright, now bring in the banjos….

Okay, Okay.  Bernie hasn’t really been kidnapped.  He is doing just fine.  It just so happens that the Athens Diamond Dawgs are hosting the Mountaineers in a mid-week baseball series, and he and I are giving each other the opportunity to share a little bit about our respective teams on each others blog.  
So, here we go...

While our baseball history pales in comparison to that of the Diamond Dawgs, Appalachian State is coming off our best baseball season ever—a season in which we beat 15th-ranked Virginia, 23rd-ranked Oklahoma, 7th-ranked LSU... twice, and were one win away from advancing to our very firstSuper Regional.  After beating the Sooners in the Regional opener, we were swept by them in a double header, in which we left 21 runners stranded and allowed nine two-out runs.  
Against common opponents in 2012, Appalachian was 6-4 while Georgia was 2-4.

We have begun this year similarly as last year, knocking off 8th-ranked N.C. State 6-3, torching 2012 Golden Spikes finalist Carlos Rodon for three home runs. We have cooled off a bit in the midst of our 9 game road streak.  We are 7-4 coming into the series.

Players to watch for:

Jamie Nunn: Our ace on the mound will be starting one of these games.  His ERA is 2.00, his average outing lasts about seven innings, and he averages almost one strikeout per inning.

Rob Marcello: The starter-turned-closer has some HEAT.  His fastball reaches 95mph. He has 4 saves with an ERA of 0.00.

Hector Crespo:  Crespo just became the all-team stolen bases leader in App State history.  He has attempted a steal in every game this season, succeeding 8 out of 11 times.

Prediction time!  
BOLDLY predict a partly cloudy Tuesday with a high temperature of 66 degrees on Tuesday, and sunny but colder on Wednesday.  That’s as far out on the limb I am going to climb.  If you have a prediction, feel free to come over and post it in our message board at  Our fans are friendly and enjoy some good-natured ribbing from time to time. 

I would like to graciously thank Bernie and the readers of Bernies’s Dawg Blawg for the hospitality, and would like to apologize for my lame attempt at humor. 

Wishing your baseball team the best of luck starting March 14th 2013,