Friday, March 8, 2013

"Neener Neener" to replace "Rocky Top"

The Volunteers have turned the tide on an Bama alumni group. And I had a smile on my face the entire way through this article (h/t AHD). Right up until I envisioned Coach Richt holding a Butts-Mehre door open for Paul Johnson. Or Coach Dooley asking Spurrier if he had a good night's sleep at the Georgia Center.

Last year, when the parent of a prospective UT student told school officials he’d heard the loud Crimson Tide cheer while visiting with his teen, UT decided the rival alumni group had overstayed its welcome.
“We’re sure the fine folks at Alabama would not want us singing ‘Rocky Top’ in their admissions office,” said Karen Simsen, a UT spokeswoman. “We want our visitor’s center to be all about UT, campus traditions and what it feels like to be a student here. So we had to talk to the (alumni group) about how we have a new use for the building.”
HillBillys, methinks thou doth protest too much. Or perhaps not enough. Regardless, it comes across as sour grapes from not winning the game on the field and reluctantly flexing some administrative muscle instead. (Alabama has won six straight in the series and seven of the last eight. During that span Tennessee has averaged just over 10 points a game to the Tide's four touchdowns.)

My own ignorance about the intricacies and apparent intimacies of the Third Saturday in October notwithstanding, how does something like this even last four decades? Started off innocent enough, but Fulmer once skipped SEC Media Days to avoid getting served a subpoena by some Alabama lawyers for God's sake. The hate is there and I just assumed it had long ago seeped through the entire fanbases.

Come to think of it, Fulmer's quote in 2008 after finally being served said subpoena might work with this "alumni crossing borders" situation too: "This is not the place for that kind of thing. There are great fans that have great passion about the Southeastern Conference that are not interested in that kind of (nonsense). And I would have some other choice words if there weren't so many cameras in here."

Like Momma says, Bless their hearts.