Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No "downfall" in Georgia's defense

I warned you this would be a theme here this off season. And I'm beginning to like this Sheldon Dawson guy more and more.
"Swann, he knows every position on the field. You could put him at linemen and he'd be able to make calls and tell what the linemen do," Dawson said. "But for me, I played field (corner) all last year. So all I had to do was polish up and learn a few more terms and be able to roll with it. Now I'm rolling through it."
And that knowledge is vital to securing a starting spot, because defensive coordinator Todd Grantham values experience and knowledge of the system very, very highly.
"We've got new safeties, so if there's a safety on my side, I feel like I'll be able to call and tell certain coverage to him," Dawson said. "But it's a good feeling that we're out there together and we look good rebuilding. It's no downfall that we're rebuilding. We actually look good.
In Grantham's system the "boundary" corner has more checks to make in coverage, hence the more experienced Swann cemented in there somewhat. Yet despite all of the greenhorns out there on the practice field, there's a sense of pride in taking over for the departed upperclassmen.

Keep that up Mr. Dawson and Herbstreit and his boys aren't going to know what to talk about come August 31st.

(kidding...of course.)

Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2013/03/19/2428631/turning-the-corner-sheldon-dawson.html#storylink=cpy