Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quick start: Clemson, South Carolina or LSU?

Normally with a huge night game away from home as the opener I might agree with Mr. CFB. But given the recent history against Spurrier's cocks I know the way in which I would answer this question. What about you?
Of those three early games — Clemson, South Carolina and LSU — which do you believe will be the toughest for Georgia?
I think its Clemson. It’s the first game, you have all of those new guys on defense and you’re talking about going up against a Clemson offense with Tajh Boyd, Sammie Watkins and all of those guys. That’s a hard way to break in a brand-new defense. And you’ve got to go their house. If they can somehow survive that game, then they come home and play South Carolina, I think they’ll feel better about things. But having to play Clemson out of the gate with a new defense, it’s going to be tough.