Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scrimmage, second time around

UPDATE: Saw this post this morning by Weiszer. Couple injuries should knock Autin Long and Sheldon Dawson.

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First and foremost, if you didn't see THIS VIDEO that Blutarsky posted yesterday you really, really need to watch it now. Warning, watching the full four minutes may cause pregnancy.

Some other observations from the tweets, stats and video reactions of the second spring scrimmage:
  • Chris Conley having a heckuva spring y'all. From what little I've read and even less than I've seen, he's making great catches and earning some yards after catch. Living up to that bowl game performance for sure. Keep it up!
  • We heard a couple days ago that Gurley was hoping to be more involved in the passing game. So far (at least in scrimmages) that's what we've seen. If you go to GDay, don't be surprised to see a couple handoffs to #3 and then maybe a couple designed screens to him. That'll be about it.
  • If you believe all of the scrimmage stats, there's a stark dropoff from Murray and Mason to the second tier of the quarterback depth.
  • But hey...LeMay was the only quarterback without an interception.
  • Reggie Wilkerson wins standout early-enrollee of the day.
Here's Josh Harvey-Clemons talking about his role in the defense: