Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sláinte y'all!

I'm off to Suwanee Beer Fest and then back home to enjoy one of my favorite holidays - St. Patrick's Day!!
Before I go I thought I'd offer some input into my favorite Irish stouts/ales and ask for any feedback you may have in expanding the list.

Here's the Irish beers I'm working on tonight into tomorrow while the corned beef brisket roasts and the cabbage boils. They are ordered by my top Irish stout on down. Feel free to argue or agree. When it comes to this style I don't believe there's a wrong answer. Also, if anyone has had a Beamish I hate you and ask you to please explain what the experience was like in the comments. Comparatively speaking.
    A nicely poured Wexford's Irish Cream Ale.
  1. Murphy's - most have the big one up at the top, and I wouldn't argue that much. But after much sampling and judging last year I'm going with the somewhat sweeter Murphy's as my favorite.
  2. Guinness - the big one, the top dog. Like Murphy's I prefer my Guinness in the tall can with the nitro widget. you know, unless I'm in a pub. Of course.
  3. Brooklyn - an American comes in right in the middle here. This is one that is distributed pretty well so you may be able to find it easily enough. Unless you're Irish and are bound by some Celtic beer law, you'll like this one just fine.
  4. Wexford - this is actually an Irish Cream Ale. This also comes in the can with the widget, so you get a nice creamy, frothy head that compliments the bitter ale quite nicely.
  5. O'hara's - another Irish stout that's not as widely known as some of the others, but is a great pint in and of itself. A little "roastier" than a Guinness so it's not as balanced I don't think. But that's not a bad thing.
After all, I'm not as balanced myself towards the end of a few of these. 
Wishing you a rainbow, for sunlight after showers.
Miles and miles of Irish smiles for golden happy hours.
Shamrocks at your doorway, for luck and laughter too.
And a host of friends that never ends each day your whole life through!
As I like to say in my southern drawl - Sláinte y'all!