Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring preview: top tories to watch

Plenty to choose from for sure. But here are my top two.

Top story to watch (as with any spring practice, as well as any August camp during the Mark Richt Era) is offensive line. To be clear, this is a position in pretty good shape in terms of depth and returning starters. However, the loss of Tunsil on signing day adds some more pressure to finding another lock down tackle to protect the edge opposite John Theus.

Can Mark Beard fill this role? He earned some playing time last season and has the size for either a guard or tackle spot. I would pencil him in as the leader.

Next storyline this spring will be Josh Harvey-Clemons. It appears he'll share duty between outside linebacker and safety. On the surface that puts up some red flags for me as I'd rather him key on one position. But he is a unique talent, and that along with his body size makes him a special player that Grantham can tailor to specific situations.

Let's face it, JHC can help us in either position and using him in both could provide the defensive coaches an edge in matchups. For instance, you can see Harvey-Clemons rushing the passer on some third and longs and falling into coverage on others. Then, suddenly he blitzes from the star position in the second half to give the opposing quarterback even more to think about. So yes, Josh Harvey-Clemons will be a key storyline this month for sure.

That's what I have, what are yours?