Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clowney falls, yet still scores

Saturday marked the date for both the Clemson and South Carolina spring games and I was in South Carolina for the weekend, so my Sunday reading had a decidedly palmetto slant. I pulled a couple lines to share with you. First I'd like to look at something I pulled from the Gamecock write up.
MAN among boys
Late in the game, Clowney snuck off the bench to catch a pass from freshman quarterback Connor Mitch.
Clowney caught the pass, but immediately fell down on the five-yard line. He got up, ran into the endzone and was awarded a touchdown by the officials. He then threw the ball into the stands.
Let's start from  the beginning shall we.

  • How does Jadeveon Clowney "sneak" anywhere in Columbia SC? After that play in the Outback Bowl the guy is a household name across the nation. The only place that should be a surprise to see him is in a classroom...ahem!...anyway...
  • Ok, so Steve Spurrier is using his top commodity, a defensive player that will go #1 in next year's draft and one day kill an NFL tackle just by breathing on him, on a trick play...in the spring game! We all knew the Ol' Ball Coach was brazen, but this goes beyond what I would've expected. Even from him.
  • Wait, South Carolina has another quarterback named "Connor"?
  • Of course Clowney caught the pass. Probably with just his left pinky finger too.
  • The article repeatedly reminds readers that this spring game was tailored for the offense and existed solely to entertain the fans, so of course basic rules of tackle football go out the window. Like falling to the ground due to gravity and stuff. Because that's right in Spurrier's wheelhouse.
  • Evidently Clowney would like some time at quarterback. I applaud this. Heartily.
The basic summary of the Gamecock spring game was that it was entertaining. There were 35,000 fans there and the Black team won 44-30. Also of note, sophomore Mike Davis appears to be the front runner to replace Lattimore as their key back. But according to Spurrier the halftime show was the highlight.

I guess Clowney played the tuba or something,