Saturday, April 6, 2013

Conley's "new level"

Chris Conley has had himself a spring. Real big.

Malcolm Mitchell is done until August. Michael Bennett is still recovering. So Conley has capitalized on being healthy and ready.
“When we came in together, I saw his talent as a freshman with me redshirting,” tight end Jay Rome said. “I just feel like him, Malcolm, me and a lot of other guys that when an opportunity presents itself and we get the ball in our hands, we can do great things with it. Conley has been really getting after it. He’s a really dedicated player. He puts in a lot of extra hours.”
That includes working on team off days with Mitchell, Scott-Wesley and others, Rome said. They go through drills and catch balls off the Jugs machine.
“I think the best thing about this receiving corps is there’s a lot of talented people on it, but there’s not big egos,” Conley said. “There’s not a guy who says, ‘I want my touches. I want to be that No. 1 guy.’ It’s just a whole bunch of guys who are willing to go out there and work, and whoever starts a game, we’re fine with that. Everybody else is going to be able to get touches and make plays, too.”