Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dontavius Russell makes a "peaceful" commitment

Carrollton GA defensive tackle four star Dontavius Russell became Georgia's fourth commitment for 2014 yesterday, choosing the Dawgs over a host of other schools including Bama, Florida, FSU and Clemson. And it sounds like it had less to do with football than about just feeling at home.
“I just left Georgia,” Russell said. “It was just like every other time I visited. But when we got in the car on our way back, I just thought about, ‘What if I committed?’ The thought of that was just so peaceful, and it felt like a place that I wanted to be, so I just went ahead and made a decision.” 

With his decision made, Wilson called the coaches from the car. 

“I just called them back and spoke to Coach Wilson and then Mark Richt,” Russell said. “I committed to them. They said, ‘That is awesome,’ and, ‘We are glad to have you,’ and a bunch of other stuff.” 

Russell credits the Bulldogs' consistent message for winning him over.
Russell is a 6'3" 300lb plug in the defense for Carrollton High. His frame is there, but he will obviously grow even more. He'll be a good one to watch this fall during his senior season to see how he develops, physically and athletically.