Sunday, April 7, 2013

GDay marks end of spring, almost

So over 45,000 fans gathered at college football's most beautiful landscape yesterday and suddenly a scrimmage broke out. It was a beautiful day by all accounts and no significant injuries. Just some bumps and bruises, which is exactly the way you want a scrimmage to be. Unless you're Florida.

I was neither able to go nor able to watch thanks to a blackout (no, not that kind) for anyone who wasn't joined at the hip with both Comcast and, so I hunkered down with Scott Howard and Zeier for much of it.

Since I wasn't able to take it in firsthand, I'll leave the real analysis to those that were. However I will add that I'm pleased we had a receiver with a big day, some freshmen had a solid afternoon, and that the defense did well. As I pointed out the other day, kind of a bummer we didn't get to see much of Gurley and some others. But we know what we have there. The opener for the season and the opener at home loom much larger than the game yesterday.

And I think we're heading into the summer with our feet firmly under us. That's a good thing. With just two more practices to go the team should be able to enter August camp with more answers that lingering questions. Which is why yesterday was such a great day for Georgia Football.

And yet it was Nebraska that had the best scrimmage of all. (Warning, dust is in the air and may cause an eye to tear up.)