Friday, April 19, 2013

In terms of the roster, questions can be motivating

"UGA Day" was in Macon last night and Richt held court with plenty of food for thought heading into a dead period for both sports. Most notably he feels that heading into fall practice there will be plenty of guys competing for starting spots, playing time and to make the travel squad.
“I kind of like that we’re going into this offseason with a lot of guys believing that they’ve got a chance to start, or play or make the travel squad,” he said. “I think it’s probably more than any time I can remember....Because of that, that usually motivates guys in the offseason,” Richt said before speaking to the contingent of Georgia fans. “If a guy’s sitting there going, ‘no matter what I do, I’m second team; no matter what I do, I’m not (going to) travel.’ I think that can be a little discouraging at times when they kind of look at the big picture...Look at the big picture now, I think there are so many guys that are like, ‘you know, I got a chance, I really got a chance to start, I really got a chance to play a lot, I got a chance to contribute and compete.’ ”
Looking back, I would hazard a guess that this is uncharted waters for Richt. At least most years that I can remember, especially on defense where for many years we had a philosophy that upperclassmen had earned their playing time just by being in town longer. Raise your hand if you can already hear the pads popping this August?

Yes, questions as yet unanswered can be a good thing in April.