Monday, April 29, 2013

Kwame goes west

Great weekend for Coach Richt and staff as they had eight former Dawgs drafted and at least two more to sign free agent contracts after the NFL Draft's conclusion.

One of those undrafted signings was Kwame Geathers who signed with San Diego. The Chargers need bulk in the middle of their 3-4 alignment and they'll get that with Geathers. At six and a half feet and 350+ pounds he eventually settled pretty well into Grantham's scheme.

The knock on Kwame (who if you'll remember bounced around a bit on Richt's roster) has been staying low. And that's going to continue to be a challenge for him as the the opposing blockers he goes up against will only get better. He's a gifted athlete with super human size and he has great hands. Understandably, many felt he should've stayed another year at Georgia to improve his game to more than just a first and second down tackle. Hopefully he continues to craft his skill and makes the Chargers' roster.