Friday, April 19, 2013

More from Macon

Other than roster questions, some other topics of note from last night's "UGA Day" in the heart of Georgia.
  • As expected, Michael Bennett should be at 100% this summer. Any doubts about his recovery from ACL surgery were dismissed when he was seen running routes late in spring practices.
  • Richt noted that new guy Jonathon Rumph played better at GDay with a #1 jersey than he did all spring with his usual #18. No rugers were found during this exercise of superstitition.
  • Not that we needed another barometer for Tray Matthews' spring to measure his impact, but Richt is already worried about the kid's play under the new rules for "targeting". Ugh.
  • Kolton Houston's eligibility is not a dead issue and according to the head coach "remains up in the air."
  • Coaches recruiting on twitter brings up an interesting observation: seeing grown men (and women too I guess) following teenagers as fans of recruiting makes me more than a little uneasy. But I like that Richt and his staff are doing just that.
The Alumni Redcoat Pep Band was there last night. Among some red an black tunes, they also played "Sweet Caroline". Always a class act those guys, and gals.