Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some Thursday forecasting

Looking back at some recent headlines and ahead for what may come...
Ken O'Brien is an asterisk for being drafted
ahead of Marino. But he was 8-7 lifetime
against the Hall of Famer.
  • I think Schlabach had it right when he said it doesn't really matter what they call the four team playoff in 2014. The real question is which city we'll be in when the SEC begins dominating this new format just like the old. Smart money says Arlington Texas on January 12th, 2015.
  • floriDuh coaches pasting pics on the internets has been fantastic. I bet Les Miles is chomping at the fescue to get in on the act. Perhaps LSUFreek could give him some artistic pointers.
  • So Coach Richt and all his predecessors' have combined for ZERO wins against North Texas and App State. Yet by August 31st we'll be a LOT more concerned about a Clempson Tiger program we've owned 41 times out of 62 meetings.
  • What's something you won't get from the top online betting reviews? A contrite Gene Chizik. He's "not one to dwell on the past and look at all the 'what-ifs' and things of that nature" but I'm sure he's reflecting quite nicely in his pool of buyout cash.
  • Lastly, tonight begins the NFL draft. I watched the 30 for 30 special "Elway to Marino" the other night. It encapsulates everything I find intriguing about the draft: big time players behind the scenes making decisions about big time players on the field. After the 2013 installment ends this weekend Georgia coaches will be able to point to several more players that made their dreams come true by way of Athens GA.
Go Dawgs!