Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Chapel Bell, no Charmin needed

"The ringing of the chapel bell after a Georgia victory is a tradition that continues even though freshmen are no longer ordered to do the chore. In the 1890's, the playing field was located only yards from the Chapel and first year students were compelled to ring the bell until midnight in celebration of a Bulldog victory. Today, students, alumni, and townspeople still rush to the Chapel to ring the bell after a gridiron victory.

On Oct. 27, as tradition warrants, Georgia fans rang the Chapel bell to celebrate the 42-30 win over the Florida Gators. The excitement caused the yoke holding the 877 lb. bell to give way, and it fell from the support platform. Physical Plant has returned the bell to its post". 

Georgia Bulldogs Victory Bell at UGA Athens, GA

There are so many things we cannot explain, so many things our minds cannot! Celebrating a victory through what most consider an act of  vandalism is one of them. What is it with this obsession with toilet paper and our SEC brethren from the State of Alabama. Roll Tide! I guess.

"Malzahn, who received a five-year contract worth $2.3 million annually, said Saturday he and his team are going to give fans a reason to once again shower the corner in toilet paper.
"Here's the plan in the fall: to give the Auburn family numerous opportunities to roll these trees," Malzahn said to a roar of applause."

Gee Whiz.

(Courtesy of AHD)