Wednesday, April 17, 2013

They teach this state!

Tech's holding a remedial class for their non-football fans (h/t Tyler). At least the ones that are currently enrolled. No word yet on if Reggie Ball can get an exemption.

On one hand, kudos to them for making their students from distant countries and populaces with inferior sports and interests more welcome inside their little stadium. It's hard to understand that a touchdown is worth six points if the team wearing your colors never scores.

"Oh wait!! Why is that other team forcing our players to the ground and 
sullying up our uniforms so grotesquely?"

On the other hand, UGA manages this entire process by just having the actual team play like they know what they're doing. The amount of guesswork involved at a game in Sanford Stadium is reduced significantly when the media dude can compile actual highlights to show fans, including any international students in attendance, what football looks like and the reasons for which we cheer - tackles...big catches when the ball is literally thrown into the air...forcing the other quarterback to the ground hurriedly...endzone "entrances"....opponent throws out of bounds on 4th down...yet another endzone entrance!

"F yeh! Tree just Attila the Hun'd that little napoleonic player!!"

And how sweet is it that at UGA our coaches hold clinics for the female fans of Georgia football so that they can go out and school their husbands in the nuances of recognizing a zone blitz, create babies that will one day grasp Bobby Dodd sod between their teeth and generally just look damn sexy wearing eye black.

Hang in there engiNerds. And for God's sake, make sure Michael Carvell gets his media credential.