Friday, May 17, 2013

Diamond Dawgs fall to gators

Florida rallied in the ninth of a close game at Foley. Coupled with Missouri's win against Kentucky, this officially eliminates Georgia from the post-season SEC Tourney.
“It was a longshot coming in and we knew it,” Georgia coach David Perno said. “It’s just been one of those years. Maybe that win on Tuesday (14-13 at Georgia Tech) was something that we can hang our hat on. They’ll finish the right way. These guys will keep playing the right way. We’re obviously disappointed but we’re playing good baseball. We’re just not scoring enough and making mistakes at the wrong time.”
Georgia and Florida play game two of the series tonight at 7pm. We'll likely go with freshman right-hander Sean McLaughlin on the mound. The final game of the season will be at 2pm on Saturday. Then it's just a matter of when the new coaching search begins.