Saturday, May 25, 2013

HillBilly sex boosts....GPAs

Remember when the student athletes in Knoxville induced a "whoa is me" attitude as well as a perplexing, frustrating situation for the UT brass?
The University of Tennessee football team had a "tough fall" academically, which may have been related to their on-the-field performance, said NCAA faculty representative Dan Murphy in a presentation to university faculty Monday.

"My point was that generally people do better in the classroom when they're doing better in the rest of their life," Murphy said following the UT Faculty Senate meeting. "When you're suffering from disappointments, it's hard."

Well, after one simple sex scandal, things have changed ...for the better!
Overall, UT said the department-wide GPA of 3.05 for the 2013 spring semester was the highest since records were first recorded in 2003.

The Vols showed strong growth in the two major revenue sports. In football, the semester GPA climbed 12.5 percent from 2.49 last semester to 2.8 in the recently completed spring semester. UT also climbed 3.3 percent from last spring’s mark of 2.71.

Jenny Wright must've had quite the pencil sharpener.

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