Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maymester breezes into summer workouts

With the exception of Chris Burnette's wedding on Saturday, the month of May has been rather dull. Thankfully. As Weiszer explains, there's been some fishing and some rehabbing. But mostly everyone is gearing up for June when the team returns and summer workouts begin.

Quarterback Aaron Murray will meet with other team leaders and divide the players up into subgroups.They will lead the rest of the team throughout the summer and hold them accountable for summer workouts, which are voluntary.Last summer, coaches and players met every Thursday. That was considered character education with speakers coming in to talk.This summer, they will do that and break them up by class. Different coaches will handle mainly leadership issues. Richt is working with the seniors.“It’s going to be up to them to get the work done,” he said.