Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday's Meatloaf - gettin' salty, again

Ok, so maybe I was overly insensitive towards Mr. Oliver Saturday. Perhaps it only proved that I'm still not over that loss to Alabama. Don't get me wrong. The self imposed "king" of college football is still a first rate idiot, but I need to move on. That all happened months ago.

Pass the salt. I'm reopening the wound.
Water under the bridge. Get over it Bernie!

Ok. I hear ya. In an effort to move myself forward, I'm self-imposing a deadline of sorts. I'm sick of scrolling through my DVR list and seeing that SEC Championship game sitting there, both beckoning me and taunting me at the same time. "C'mon it up and relive the heartbreak all over. Don't you want to see Tree run back that blocked kick again? Let's do this."

Sometime before next week's meatloaf I will rewatch this game. And then I will delete this game from my digital television recording device. I will wash my hands of it and refuse to carry the burden of it into the summer. I would like to go to the pool without Quinton Dial mercilessly blindsiding me into the deep end. I want to go to the beach without Coach Saban cramming six extra scholarship vacationers into my car when the rules clearly set the limits with the number of functional seatbelts available.

I'm going to aim for this Thursday. If you would also like to crap this thing out and flush it, feel free to join me. I'll certainly live tweet it and attempt to monitor my alcohol intake sufficiently.

Or not. And if anyone is chummy with Oliver please invite him for me. Perhaps he can sit beside me and relate the story of meeting David Greene as a 9th grader and trying to move him to defensive end. I love that one.

Today's Ingredients
- If you're not ready to close the door on spring yet, Ching has the wrap up ready for your fine toothed comb.
- And DavetheDawg has fifteen talking points for your perusal.
- Tyler faces off against the nine game SEC schedule that has picked up momentum recently.
- Paschall has a lot of nice quotes (link corrected) from Grantham and Richt on the 2013 prospects.
- This time next year we'll be defining Aaron Murray's legacy. Blutarsky helps frame our reference point entering his final season.
- Similarly, Kimberley wonders if Murray can shut up the haters.
- Kelin wants to welcome you back to his blog.
- A late rally helped lift the softball team over visiting LSU 10-5.
- Run Home Jack finds the Lou Holtz Kithing Boothh in the trash heap outside of Notre Dame's athletics facility and Nick Saban photo bombing a grad's picture. (Nope, not an actual football player.)
- Lastly, for you St. Simons readers that I love so much, Buddy relays this message: the island now has a growler shop! Welcome Webers Growler Factory!

At this end of the loaf we have a pompous high school track star blatantly taunting competitors as he blazes towards the finish line. So glad they caught this kid in the act of such unsportsmanlike behavior so that his self-aggrandizing act could cost his whole team the glory they had earned. Well done you governing body of fat Texas bureaucrats. Way to stick it to em good!

As you let that simmer Reader, here's a napkin. Go have yourself a Monday!