Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Most important games in 2013

Athens is quiet and there will be little to talk about, at last until the meetings in Destin later this month. So this is just designed to be entertaining discourse. Kind of like whenever Jeff Driskel dropped back to pass in Jacksonville last season.

2013 Schedule
Aug. 31 at Clemson
Sept. 7 South Carolina
Sept. 21 North Texas
Sept. 28 LSU
Oct. 5 at Tennessee
Oct. 12 Missouri
Oct. 19 at Vanderbilt
Nov. 2 Florida (at Jacksonville)
Nov. 9 Appalachian State
Nov. 16 at Auburn
Nov. 23 Kentucky
Nov. 30 at Georgia Tech

We'll talk separately about the most challenging games of the upcoming season and compare where they rank. For now, the most important.
  1. Florida (always and forever. Or at least until Paul Johnson takes the triple option to the swamp.)
  2. Carolina (very close second given the shift in momentum of the series)
  3. Clemson (this high because of the momentum it could provide with a win, on the road, at night, on national tv)
  4. LSU (a little revenge factor here after letting them slip through our hands the last time they visited. Oh yeh, and that little championship game a couple years ago.)
  5. Tennessee (new coach, new attitude, same result??)
  6. Vanderbilt (maybe the 'Dores should be ahead of UT, but they're definitely higher than they used to be)
  7. Mizzou (they're a bigger challenge than 8 and 9 right?)
  8. Kentucky (new coach, new attitude, same result??)
  9. Auburn (new coach, new attitude, same result??) 
  10. Tech (same coach, same attitude, same result??)
  11. App State (we are NOT Michigan!)
  12. North Texas (we'll be wondering if we're getting Les Miles and Uncle Verne together the next week by halftime)
All kidding aside, with Tenn, Vandy, Auburn, Kentucky and Tech it'll be about keeping a streak heading in the right direction. New coaches can be dangerous equalizers. Remember KiffyBaby?

Anyway, that's the way I see it. Later I'll post my thoughts on which games present the biggest challenges. Have a hunch Clemson might move up.