Thursday, May 23, 2013

Muschamp's kids, Jordan Reed and other "Florida guys"

I have to admit, this new video that made the rounds yesterday featuring Coach Muschamp's kids imitating their father's trademark stare is pretty good. And by good, I mean in the way that it can rejuvenate a fan base after getting their ass handed to them by the Louisville basketball team in a bowl they didn't belong in.

Of course, I'm not going to embed the video here. I mean, this is a Georgia blog. It's bad enough I'm going to give you the link here in a second. I'm worried that featuring Muschamp in a video here will allow SEC receivers to run around all over the place.

Like back in the early 1990's at Sanford Stadium.

So here you go. Use your mouse device (or index finger for you tablet/mobile phone holders) to click the link here and watch the video if you haven't already. Then be sure to come back and continue reading as I break this clip down.

For the rest of you, while you wait, here's some footage from Muschamp's sixth consecutive loss in Jacksonville.

To take the words from Will's mouth, I assure you...gators suck.

Ok, back to the floriDuh promo. Some thoughts:
  • How many takes before those kids went the whole thing without fumbling? BOOM!
  • I mean, those are the smallest frat boys I've seen since my last trip to Vandy. The old Vandy.
  • Hey Will, I see their mother also taught them how throw the ball. You know, because of your VW Passat and all.
  • You mean to tell me the richest family in Gainesville can't afford a single pair of jorts?
  • With any luck those kids'll get a gig doing voiceovers for a local news channel and second rate car dealership commercials, thereby somehow avoiding a long standing, deeply tumultuous relationship with a methhead masters student.
  • Lastly, one of my favorite tweets of all time sums this thing up best. Take it away Robert...