Friday, May 10, 2013

Open mic night with Coach Mike Bobo

The keynote speaker at Augusta's UGA Day has a new twist on an old plan for Jadeveon Clowney this fall. Although offensive coordinator Mike Bobo never admitted to just not blocking the sack freak in last season's 35-7 loss in Columbia, he did show off his movie knowledge and cast Aaron Murray as Burt Reynolds' Paul Crewe. 
"Most important thing to do is to protect the quarterback - ME!"
“I think we’re going to do the old Burt Reynolds’ Longest Yard and not block and let (Aaron Murray) throw it as hard as he can at him,” Bobo said, laughing. “We’ve got to realize he’s going to make some plays. We’ll do some things to try to discourage him. Maybe he’ll change his mind, think he needs to sit out and turn pro.”
 But in the end, this is all we need to hear about this fall's SEC opener:
“I think our guys are eager to play that game,” Bobo said. “We were obviously embarrassed that game and got thoroughly whipped by that defense. We’ll be ready for that game. I promise you.”
Some other tidbits from Bobo last night:

  • Freshman wideout Tramel Terry is ahead of schedule on rehabbing after his surgery to repair a torn ACL suffered back in December.
  • Chris Burnette is said to be in great shape, despite missing the spring due to shoulder surgery.
  • Since he was in Augusta, Bobo spoke at length about Brendan Douglas, a star at nearby Aquinas High School. “It was huge for us to get (Douglas) late in the process. He’s a guy we always liked. He’s a big guy. He’s strong. I always felt he wanted to be at Georgia. Guys who tend to do really well want to be there. Guys like that have always been successful at Georgia.”
  • A little concerned over the depth behind Gurley and Marshall, Bobo expects both Douglas and fellow freshman AJ Turman to play this fall.