Friday, May 10, 2013

Relay for Life, helping to kick cancer's ass for years

Some have asked, so I wanted to give an update on Connor. He's the kid I posted about a while back.

My family has some close ties with Connor's family. We're in awe of everything they've had to go through to support his fight against leukemia. Proud to say he's back home and seems to have beaten it once again. Just a remarkable story that combines bravery, tears, faith, joy and good doctors.

Which is why we'll be heading out to our local Relay for Life spot this evening. I hope you are doing the same in your neck of the woods. It'll be a good time to recognize and support those who have faced off against cancer and won, as well as remember those who weren't as lucky.

Hard to imagine Dr. Gordy Klatt knew what this event would become nearly 30 years ago when he started walking a track to raise money to fight cancer. Relay for Life pulls in millions of dollars to help fight this awful disease each and every year. Then again, he probably knew exactly what he was doing.