Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Singh leaves team

KU Singh, Georgia's top singles player has left the team just days before its NCAA tourney run begins. While the university's press release gives little insight, there are others who aren't too surprised by this development.
Insiders in Athens are not exactly shocked by this, with signs of discord surfacing earlier this year. The 22-year-old from India, who had transferred from Illinois after a brief stint there in the spring of 2011, did not travel with the team to this year's ITA Team Indoor for undisclosed reasons. The timing is obviously unfortunate however, especially given the loss of Nick Wood to an ankle injury shortly after the Team Indoor.

Diaz is doing his part to keep the team focused on what matters:

This is a very close group and today they’re closer than ever,” Diaz said. “Our program will continue to stress teamwork, togetherness, and playing with our hearts for each other, as it always has. We are united and are moving forward in a positive manner.

Reading a bit between the lines, Singh wore out his welcome and Diaz chose to move forward without the star player rather than risk putting one player ahead of the team. Regardless of what happens this weekend, it seems it was the best for all involved.

Georgia begins play Friday afternoon against Binghamton.


Post edit: Singh left of his own accord. Coach Diaz sheds some light on what looks like an individual player that never quite accepted the team concept fully.