Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The JHC situation: reaction

While we marvel at the amount of money guys like Mark Richt get paid to coach our football team, yesterday  (or more specifically, a couple of weeks ago) is not a time when I would've enjoyed having his job. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't Josh Harvey-Clemons the same kid that Richt repeatedly went to church with and patiently waited while his granddad flirted with Jimbo Fisher. This is also the kid that was in Crowell's car the night they were all pulled over, ultimately sealing the running back's fate in Athens.

Josh Harvey-Clemons
via Radi Nabulsi, ESPN
So it's safe to say, that Harvey-Clemons has had a stern lecture or two. And still he was set to open up the season as a starter on a defense that needs every abled body it can put a jersey on come August 31st. Instead, he fires up a blunt (by his own admission) and smokes it all away.

Unbelievable. Then again, I get less and less surprised by shit like this every year. Did our title shot take a hit (pardon the pun) with yesterday's news? No, not a severe one. Harvey-Clemons is a safety and we somehow managed to sit our All-SEC safety down for four games last season and made it pretty close. Sure, it would've really helped to have him available in Clemson against Chad Morris' offense. But it's not like Aaron Murray or Todd Gurley were measuring weed with Ty Flournoy-Smith a couple weeks ago. We'll be okay.

No, the bigger issue is how, despite knowing the fine line they are sitting on in Athens with the campus police and at UGA with the iron-clad drug policy, these kids still put themselves and their immediate misguided interests before the team. Not even a month after Bacarri Rambo dropped in the draft to the fourth round after facing multiple suspensions, this heir apparent figures he can take his five recruiting stars and get by the cops' noses and Butts-Mehre's pissing cup.

I guess what I'm saying is, as a fan I continue to be befuddled by the fact that our own drug policy hurts the team year in and year out, all while seemingly doing little to change the behavior year in and year out. And the added byproduct is it keeps the AJC sports staff in business. Wahoo! Quite obviously, to expect athletes to not smoke dope while we're providing them with a campus full of the best looking women the south has to offer, housing in the best city Earth has to offer, several chances each fall to play tackle football on television, and oh by the way, also a college education free of charge, is an expectation wrought with contempt.

Yes, bewilderment lives in the hearts and minds of the Georgia football fan. But if I were Coach Richt I'd be hotter than seven bloody hells.