Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#TheMigration cuts off PJ's crown

Surely you've already been alerted to the twitters of Coach Pehrson, an engiNerd grad assistant. This morning came one of my favorite installments of "#themigration".

Skirting around the fact that Pehrson misspelled Historic Mark Richt Field, I am tickled by the bold prediction of winning "a number of games". Maybe he should've left it at the word "win".

From there I imagine a meeting between Mark Bradley's genius and Pehrson, with it ending in stern warning of not providing the likes of Elon, Duke and Alabama A&M bulletin board material. Hence...a number of games.

Then...the sword. Nice touch. Obviously stolen from a trojan back in December. If only it had blood KiffyBaby's dignity dripping from it.

However, I bet Johnson is wishing he would've added the suggestion of not cropping his head off. I mean, does #TheMigration really need that much room? Do they even have Twitter in Canadia?

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