Friday, June 7, 2013

BCS era - Dawgs vs. HillBillys

So, previously I had posed the question: Would you trade our own streak of bowl games, which spans all the way back to the 1997 Outback Bowl, for Tennessee's 1998 trophy?

When I first typed it, I admit, I overestimated how easy the answer would come. I mean, the HillBillys have been in a heap of fail since Fulmer was run off: three coaches, academic improprieties, Lane Kiffin, athletic department budget red ink, losses by the dozens, Da'Rick Rogers' career...oh my.

But we should offer a fair comparison before answering. So here goes.
HillBilly Adam and Eve have had little to do
in January. Except eat lard buckets.

          Georgia Tennessee
1997 Outback, W Orange, L *
1998 Peach, W               Fiesta, W *
1999 Outback, W Fiesta, L
2000 Oahu, W               Cotton, L
2001 Music City, L Citrus, W
2002 Sugar, W              Peach, L
2003 Capital One, W Peach, L
2004 Outback, W Cotton, W
2005 Sugar, L
2006 Chick-Fil-A, W Outback, L
2007 Sugar, W              Outback, W
2008 Capital One, W
2009 Independence, W Chick-Fil-A, L
2010 Liberty, L              Music City, L
2011 Outback, L
2012 Capital One, W

             12-4                      4-8

Hard to argue with Tennessee's start. Three consecutive BCS bowls (although the Orange back in January 1998 was just the plain Orange...), two title games and one trophy. But it's also hard to argue against the complete resume for Georgia: four more bowl games and eight more total wins in those bowls. I know a lot of people that would add a lot of weight to that crystal trophy they have up there. But I'd take the composite memories I've had under Richt in the BCS era over the one dash of sunshine in the storm they continue to endure up on Rocky Flop.

But that's just me.