Saturday, June 8, 2013

BCS era - the highs

I'll preface this post by stating outright that I hope the high for Georgia football during the BCS era is yet to come. Kick some Tiger ass and then bitch slap the SEC this fall!

Whew. That typed itself a little too easy. Not even officially summer yet.

Anyway. I see the highs of the BCS era for the Dawgs as a three-way race thus far. You have the pure excitement of the 2002 season, the controversy of the 2007 season and the ever so close 2012 season. Let's look at each individually.
  • 2002. Georgia had yet to even sniff the rarefied air of the BCS. And yet in Richt's second season here we were - packing our bags for one of the big games. Were we in the national discussion? No, as the #3 team in the country we were just outside of it. Miami and Ohio State were clear cut 1 and 2 respectively. But the emotions were raw and unbelievable. It was a glorious time in Georgia football history. One we'll never forget.
  • 2007. Having stubbed our toe tremendously in Knoxville, we rebounded and managed a pretty damn good season behind a fearsome defensive attack and the offensive stars of Stafford and Moreno. We obliterated Tebow and the Gators which spring boarded us into the national discussion once the top two teams lost in consecutive weekends. Despite being ranked higher than LSU, the Dawgs were argued out of the picture as we did not win our division and play in the SECCG. This tarnished the magic of the season somewhat. At least until we got to see Colt Brennan cry at the thought of being put back into the game New Year's night. The domination over Hawaii was sugary sweet, but the aftertaste will always be What might have been...??
  • 2012. Perhaps Richt's greatest season, as well as his greatest team. Arguably. Still, nothing came easy. Absolutely blown out of the stadium in Columbia SC, the Dawgs had to rally together the rest of the way. The reward was a date with destiny's darlings, the team everyone favors and no one really gave Richt's squad much of a chance against Mighty Bama. But it was quite honestly the best college football game I've ever witnessed. Despite the heartbreak and the utter despair, it's hard to imagine a time when all of the Dawg Nation was collectively proud of one team. Five yards short of a certain national title. Son of a bitch.
Together, those are the highs of the BCS era. But you know what our task is now...we have to choose the highest. No real secret here; I'm going with last season. Sure we lost. Sure we were shut out of a BCS bowl game for our efforts. But there has never been a team that proved more to me that they were ready and able than last season. I know that's like calling a lowlight a highlight and putting lipstick on a pig. But that was the closest we've come to cresting this MNC mountain.

And to this point...heading into the last season of the Bowl Championship Series...that is where I cast my vote. Feel free to add yours as well.

Go Dawgs!