Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Humpday Hilarity - PLAY THE BALL WHERE IT LIES!!

One of my favorite cartoons as a kids was Popeye. And whenever I'm out on the golf course I distinctly remember one of the sailor man's adventures on the golf course with Bluto. The recurring cry was - "PLAY THE BALL WHERE IT LIES!!!"

The two found themselves in ever more ridiculous situations for having to advance a golf ball. I smiled last Thursday while playing with dad when I hit a beautiful seven iron from dead pan onto the green from about 150 yards. Nary a foot wedge was used. If you play, you know that's not easy. At least for someone like me that only tees it up a handful of times a year.

Anyway, Popeye and Bluto are the only two I've seen hit the ball from inside a tree until I saw this video Mac sent me. Don't know how I missed this shot prior to his email, as it seems to have happened back in March. But it's pretty remarkable. It may not make you fall over in laughter. But you'll surely chuckle as Sergio climbs a tree to identify his ball.

More than a little ashamed to say I would've just dropped another one and taken the stroke. Well done Sergio, reminding us to PLAY THE BALL WHERE IT LIES!!