Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's very rare steak - Infinite Happy Drunj Dance

In case you were not aware by now, I'm an international fugitive on the run somewhere where they no hablo english bro in a third world country where blogging is a luxury I cannot afford, at least based on current currency exchange rates. Actually, as you read this, I'm likely ziplining through a canopy in Central America trying to avoid a guerilla mafia with designs of my capture and ransoming at an insane price for an average white guy that can't do the meringue 45 foot pythons and other really scary shit that I thought were only in Samuel L. Jackson movies. So there's a moderate chance I'll be Monday Afternoon Drunk by the time you finish this sentence.

Enough of the gloating. Here to escort you through the rest of the week at BDB - Infinitely Drunk Ron Swanson LIVE! from the Snakehole Lounge!! Grab a steak off the grill and a heavy pour of bourbon. Maybe that'll tide you over til I return.