Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not enough mani-pedis in Knutsville

Sad when beauty has to take a back seat to the economy. But hey, at least she had enough sense to not open a dentistry office.
Kim Shrigley, the ex-wife of former University of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, made headlines when she opened a hair and nail salon using money from her divorce.
Shrigley made no bones about her feelings at the time, naming the business Alimony’s, written in green cursive with a red heart atop the “i.”
But after five years, Shrigley is closing her beauty salon. Saturday will be the business’s last day open.
When asked about the decision, Shrigley referred all questions to her attorney, Dennis Francis.
“It was an economic decision based upon return on investment,” Francis said. “It was a pure economic decision.”
But the local auctioneer gets the best line:
“It’s general equipment you’d find in a beauty salon,” Kenny Phillips of Powell Auction and Realty said. “It’s all real nice because she wasn’t open that long. If somebody wanted equipment, I’m sure she bought the best with that alimony money.” 
Yes. Mike Hamilton did pay well didn't he.