Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Orson Charles, the eternal square peg?

Saw this piece from a Cincy newspaper yesterday (h/t DawgBone). Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is moving Orson Charles to fullback to make use of his athleticism and the position's versatility.
“It's a very versatile position,” Gruden said. “If you are a one-dimensional team this day and age it's not going to last very long. We are hoping to do a lot of different things. We already know he can get outside and run routes and catch the ball.”
“We'll see what happens when we get to training camp,” Gruden said. “It's experimentation but it's good for Orson to understand defenses from a running back perspective as well as a tight end perspective. It will make him better in the long run.” 
Orson was backing up Jermaine Gresham last season and caught eight passes for 101 yards. Since then the Bengals have added a first round pick at the tight end spot in Tyler Eifert. But instead of forcing Charles to fight his way to the top of the depth chart there, they are attempting to utilize his athleticism and build at their thinnest position.

For his part, Charles is taking it in his usual graceful stride.
“I'm just happy,” he said. “I wasn't mad. At the end of the day I am accomplishing my dreams so it's hard to be mad.”
This, on paper at least, appears to be a positive move for Orson. He never fit squarely into the tight end position at Georgia. And as a result he was either asked to block bigger defensive players or flexed out to where he drew even more attention. He's evidently been working the entire off season at fullback. Here's to hoping it sticks and he makes Bobo say to himself, "Wish I'd've thought of that."