Thursday, June 6, 2013

Richt, it's Latin for "stability"

Ching takes a deep look at the assistant coaches Mark Richt has had under his watch and specifically how they've helped give him ties to the SEC as well as stability over the years. Although Mike Bobo is the only coach currently on staff that was around for Richt's first season, Athens has seen little turnover in the coaches' housing market when compared to the rest of the college football landscape since 2001.
Few programs have won more consistently than Georgia since Richt took over as the Bulldogs’ head coach, so previous SEC experience might be slightly overrated as a predictor of future success in the league. Richt’s tenure might never have gotten off the ground, however, if he hadn’t initially hired some coaches who understood the SEC’s physical demands and who already developed key recruiting contacts within the state and region. 
Check it out. It's a good read. If for no other reason than to see Jon Fabris referred to as a "live wire".

My guess is that's Greek...