Thursday, June 20, 2013

Richt's Heisman hopefuls

Given that it's June and all we have to comfort us at night as college football fans is outright speculation, let's dive into the deep end this morning.

Who is Georgia's greatest Heisman hopeful? And I ask that with the understanding that it might not be someone "in the running" this season. And I also ask that with the caveat that I (as well as most of Richt's players I'm sure) would rather achieve team goals rather than individual hardware.

But I was reading up on the 2013 Heisman Trophy odds and started to wonder, first if there might be an actual "hopeful" for 2013 and second how December's win-loss record would affect such a campaign.

Tramel Terry, future Heisman hopeful?
Clearly Aaron Murray is the leading candidate for Georgia this season. He's been in Athens since before Obama's first term and is coming off a record setting season. In fact, as we get closer to August 31st, the season opener will continually be billed as a matchup between two Heisman Trophy type quarterbacks. If Murray puts up a better performance than Tajh Boyd and lead his team to a win it will be a large step towards getting in the mouths of the ESPN talking heads. Although I'm sure Lou Holtz will still be firmly behind Dondrial Pinkins...

...yet I digress...

Next you have to put Todd Gurley, right? In fact, I might be able to construct an argument where he has an even better chance than Murray. If the sophomore tailback can sidestep a sophomore jinx and continue the trajectory he set during his freshman season, there's no telling where his numbers might rise to.

Who's next? You'd have to go with Malcolm Mitchell. But he seems a distant third, unless he drastically improves his special teams returns. After Mitchell the surprise name would be someone like Keith Marshall or JJ Green. Maybe Tramel Terry. He's coming off a knee injury but I hear he's making great strides and is right on schedule to participate some this summer as well as in August in preparation for the upcoming season. Take a look at this quote from a few months ago:
“They’re looking for me to be like a Percy Harvin type of guy,” Terry said of the former Florida wide receiver who had more than 1,900 receiving yards and more than 1,800 rushing yards in college. “They don’t have a guy like me to where I can run the ball and I’m a wide receiver at the same time. Sometimes they’ve got to go to the defensive side and bring Brandon Boykin or Branden Smith over to the offensive field. Now that they have me, they don’t have to do all that. We’ll see, once I get healthy.”
That's a Heisman-like role player. But you have to think he might be a year off from gaining ground on names like Manziel, Braxton Miller and Teddy Bridgewater.

So who else is there? For this season or on down the line in the future? Also, do you think someone like Terry has a better chance in a year or two than Murray does this season?